Filming Location: Platina Data – Shinagawa Station

In Japan, a train station is not only for those who commuting everyday. It also serves as a meeting place, a shopping arcade, a food court, and a -common- shooting location. Go watch Japanese movies, doramas, anime, or variety shows. They often have scenes set in a train station, if not or in addition to the scene inside the train.

This time we go with a 2013 movie starring Ninomiya Kazunari: Pla-ti-na-Da-ta (of course you have to read it the way Nino said it in the movie). The set is when Ryuhei Kagura being chased by the police. He wandered around Shinagawa Station before he found the place to escape and hide.

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Filming Location: Bambino! – Dump site

We know…. We covers filming location for “Bambino~~!” way too extensive. We have our own reasons: 1) it’s the first JE’s drama that got us into the fandom, and 2) at that time we just got our chef/cooking uniform so we kinda tried to imitate Bambino, lol.

This time we direct you to the dump site that appear quite often on the drama. It’s the place where Jun got beaten up because he messed up the soup.

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Nonton Bareng Komunitas Johnny’s

Sesama fans Johnny’s pasti paham betul bahwa perjuangan menjadi penggemar talent Johnny’s  Agency tidaklah mudah. Apalagi buat fans internasional macam kita yang ga tinggal di Jepang.  Susah jadi member FC, susah dapet tiket konser, susah ga bisa interaksi lewat sosial media, repotlah pokoknya akses ke sang idola.

Untungnya, di Indonesia ada banyak komunitas pecinta Johnny’s yang bisa mengobati kegundahan *halah*. Komunitas-komunitas ini biasanya aktif bikin acara nonton bareng dan gathering (rampok file). Seperti apa acaranya dan gimana caranya ikutan?


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Filming Location: Isle Bridge and Higashi-Shinagawa Kaijo Park

Hisashiburi! We’re back with a post on filming location, yeah! We’re gonna take you to Tennozu Isle in Shinagawa. There are at least 3 bridges in this area. But the most popular one for filming location is probably this one:

Isle Bridge

Isle Bridge

Looks familiar? Yes, you might have seen it in Lucky Seven, Yamada Taro Monogatari and many other doramas and movies (we just can’t remember them all :p). These two Arashi-member doramas took few scenes in this bridge and its surrounding area. Let’s have a look!

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