Bar Kanpachi

AKB and their sister groups have their own cafe. Glay and L’arc-en-ciel also have their own cafe, even for a temporary. A little bit different case with LDH, even though the cafe is not related to any group, at least Amazing Coffee is managed under LDH. Then…. how about JE?

JE true to its nature as an anti mainstream agency of course doesn’t have one. So, some fans actually made their own cafe/bar as a hanging place for JE’s group fans. One of them is Bar Kanpachi. Based on the name, you may guest which JE group this bar is dedicated for. Yup, it’s Kanjani8.

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Modernark Pharm Cafe Kobe

Back in 2015, we failed to taste Kobe Beef. So this year we were pretty determine to finally taste it since we add Kobe to our itinerary. However, once again our plan was halted when we realized the course menu of the restaurant that offer Halal Kobe Beef is too expensive for us (like 10.000 yen/pax for the cheapest set) *sigh*. Maybe next time….. We have to save enough money first to finally splurge on something expensive like that. This also become the reason why we don’t update our blog as scheduled, we are busy with our day job so we can buy Kobe Beef later, lol (sorry for the lame excuse…).

Anyway, Kobe has several restaurants that offer Halal/Muslim-friendly menu. Most of them are Indian/Turkish restaurant, but we didn’t feel like to eat it at that time. So in the end we chose Modernark Pharm Cafe, a vegetarian cafe which specialized in healthy/beauty(?) menu using all natural ingredient.

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