The Life Cafe Hakata

After Hokkaido, Fukuoka is also known as food paradise. One of their popular dish is Hakata Ramen. Unfortunately the broth is made from pork so Muslim cannot try the dish. Don’t be sad because you can still savor a bowl of Halal Ramen in Hakata eventhough it’s different from Hakata Ramen. The Life Cafe and Hostel offers Muslim friendly menu at their Cafe.

The cafe is located only 12-minutes walk away from Exit 5 Hakata Station. You will walk past the oh-so-famous Ichiran Ramen Building, but don’t let it persuade you because the Ramen soup is pork based. Just wait for a little bit until you finally arrive at The Life Cafe.

The menu offered in is modern and fusion cuisine with several Vegan and Halal option, which one of them is Vegan Noodle with Vegetables topped with Truffle Oil. However when I visited them, the Ramen was unavailable (super sad…. T_T), in the end I chose Green Curry with Chicken.

Unlike Tokyo and Osaka, the availability of restaurant which offered Halal food is limited. We hope in the future there will be more dining option for Muslim traveler who visit Fukuoka.

What: The Life Cafe, Fukuoka (Open 8.30-24.00)
Where: Japan, 〒812-0038 Fukuoka Prefecture, Fukuoka, Hakata Ward, Gionmachi, 8−13 第一プリンスビル [map] 
How to go: About 12 minutes walk from Hakata Station (exit 5)
How much: Foods start from 680 yen (exclude tax)

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