Filming Location: Platina Data – Shinagawa Station

In Japan, a train station is not only for those who commuting everyday. It also serves as a meeting place, a shopping arcade, a food court, and a -common- shooting location. Go watch Japanese movies, doramas, anime, or variety shows. They often have scenes set in a train station, if not or in addition to the scene inside the train.

This time we go with a 2013 movie starring Ninomiya Kazunari: Pla-ti-na-Da-ta (of course you have to read it the way Nino said it in the movie). The set is when Ryuhei Kagura being chased by the police. He wandered around Shinagawa Station before he found the place to escape and hide.

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Filming Location: Tomonoura

I first heard about Tomonoura (鞆の浦) when I came across an article about places  that become inspiration for Ghibli movies. Anyone who watched Ponyo might recognize the scenery. The place looks soooooo beautiful in picture, so it became my must-visit list in Japan. Last Autumn, I finally had a chance to witness the beauty of this port town.

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Prayer Room Narita Airport

Narita Airport is one the most important airport in Japan since it handles around half the total Japan’s international passenger flight traffic. Can’t believe we haven’t written our review of prayer rooms (yes, it has more than one!) in Narita Airport yet! So, without further ado… here we go!

Bandar Udara Narita merupakan salah satu bandara terpenting di Jepang karena menangani hampir setengah dari total penerbangan internasional Jepang. Nah, karena  itu makanya kudu banget dong kami mengulas musholla yang disediakan di sana.

Prayer room at Terminal 2

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