Filming Location: Bambino! – Dump site

We know…. We covers filming location for “Bambino~~!” way too extensive. We have our own reasons: 1) it’s the first JE’s drama that got us into the fandom, and 2) at that time we just got our chef/cooking uniform so we kinda tried to imitate Bambino, lol.

This time we direct you to the dump site that appear quite often on the drama. It’s the place where Jun got beaten up because he messed up the soup.

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Filming Location: Yamada Taro Monogatari – Green Slope

Having one Arashi’s member acts in a dorama is very common. But having two of them as the lead actors in one dorama is a luxury! That’s why Yamada Taro Monogatari is precious. Aired on TBS in summer 2007, this dorama had Arashi’s Ninomiya Kazunari as Yamada Taro and Sakurai Sho as Mimura Takuya.

There are many scenes and places which we found memorable. Remember when those two climbed the Tokyo’s Stairways to Heaven in Atago Shrine?  This time, we’re gonna take you down the slope just like what Mimura-kun did when he was stalking Yamada-kun all the way home from school.


Yamada-kun, Mimura-kun, matte kudasai!!

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Restaurants in Roppongi for Muslim

What do you do when you are hungry? You’ll look for food, right? But when the desired food is not there for some reasons, you’ll find alternatives. Anything will do, as long as your stomach is fed. Well, in some cases its ingredients and our budget constrain. That was basically what happened while we were starving in Roppongi.

To be honest, we came up with this post by accident. It’s all thanks to a restaurant that was closed during our visit. We looked for other alternatives, and  found out that there are quite a few of Halal food along this Tokyo’s high-class area .


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TV Asahi

Setelah Fuji TV dan Nihon Terebi (NTV), kini giliran TV Asahi yang bakal kami bahas. Stasiun TV yang menayangkan anime legendaris Doraemon ini terletak di Roppongi, salah satu daerah yang terkenal dengan kehidupan malamnya. Di stasiun TV ini pula akhirnya si aciear bertemu dengan her eternal idol: Kimura Takuya. Mau tau gimana kisahnya? Yuk ah baca terus postingan ini…. #nyebelin

TV Asahi_1

Arena Entrance

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