Filming Location: Bambino! – Dump site

We know…. We covers filming location for “Bambino~~!” way too extensive. We have our own reasons: 1) it’s the first JE’s drama that got us into the fandom, and 2) at that time we just got our chef/cooking uniform so we kinda tried to imitate Bambino, lol.

This time we direct you to the dump site that appear quite often on the drama. It’s the place where Jun got beaten up because he messed up the soup.

A little background story, we tried to find this place two years ago and failed because we saved a wrong address… orz. That made us want to beat him for making us walking more than an hour for nothing (even though it’s not his fault).

beat him for us, please!

Another good reason for Bambino to get beaten up is because this location is so far from the (real) location of Baccanale Trattoria. Why on earth you dump those trash 8 km away from the restaurant, Jun?

Employee of the month who walked more than an hour to throw the trash

Jokes aside, this place is actually near Johnny’s office. We coincidentally walk passed the building when we walked from TBS. Too bad it was early morning so we spot no one there. Our map shows the upper part of the stairs. So just climb down to reach the site.

We still have few more filming locations for Bambino, so please bear with us! 😀

What: Dump site of Bambino!
Where: ベルメゾン六本木タワーズ, Jepang, 〒106-0032 Tōkyō-to, Minato-ku, Roppongi, 7 Chome−20−8 [map]
How to go:HIbiya Line (H04) to Roppongi Station (exit 2), turn right at the Family Mart, then follow the street until you find the stairs.
How much: free, just pay for the train fare

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