Modernark Pharm Cafe Kobe

Back in 2015, we failed to taste Kobe Beef. So this year we were pretty determine to finally taste it since we add Kobe to our itinerary. However, once again our plan was halted when we realized the course menu of the restaurant that offer Halal Kobe Beef is too expensive for us (like 10.000 yen/pax for the cheapest set) *sigh*. Maybe next time….. We have to save enough money first to finally splurge on something expensive like that. This also become the reason why we don’t update our blog as scheduled, we are busy with our day job so we can buy Kobe Beef later, lol (sorry for the lame excuse…).

Anyway, Kobe has several restaurants that offer Halal/Muslim-friendly menu. Most of them are Indian/Turkish restaurant, but we didn’t feel like to eat it at that time. So in the end we chose Modernark Pharm Cafe, a vegetarian cafe which specialized in healthy/beauty(?) menu using all natural ingredient.

The cafe is on the left near the entrance door

The menu is all written in Japanese, so it’s better to bring a friend who can read Japanese with you. Or if you don’t have any, the easiest one is by asking the waiter “osusume wa nan desu ka?” (what is your recommendation?). Or just choose based on the price (read: the cheapest) like we often do, lol. Based on the information on their website, their menu is changing seasonally.

Trying to understand the menu before entering the cafe, and gave up in a second

Our lunch set menu

The food is delicious, especially their vegetable soup that taste richer than what we had at Genji Restaurant. I tried their coffee too and it taste great. It’s a bit dim inside the cafe so difficult to get a nice picture of the cafe interior. But it’s like a typical cozy hipster cafe and only accommodate around 20 people.

pic taken from their website

As you can see from the picture above, they also have a little corner that sell their product such as bread, cookies, and coffee. Of course it’s all handmade using natural ingredients.

What: Modenark Pharm Cafe, Kobe
Where: 3-11-15 Kitanagasadori Chuo-ku Kobe Hyogo [map]
How to go:  285 meters from JR Motomachi
How much: 500 – 1999 yen; Lunch set menu: 1100 – 1350 yen

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