Johnny’s Trivia Around The World #1: Straße des 17.Juni

As JE’s avid fans, have you ever felt that Johnny’s ikemens are following you wherever you go, even when you’re not in Japan? It’s just an illusion, of course. But it’s fun! We’re super excited when we travel somewhere and suddenly see something that we can relate to Johnny’s. That’s why I made this post, Johnny’s Trivia Around The World. I put #1, because I have the feeling that there will be more posts like this in the future 😀

Let’s start with this one, Straße des 17.Juni or Street of 17th of June. Arashi’s fans might already get what I mean. Yes, 17th of June, it’s the birthday of Ninomiya Kazunari, yay! Nino, otanjobi omedetou!! So, did they made this street to celebrate Nino’s birthday? Or does Nino own this street? Where it is located? And what can we see there?

Strasse des 17. Juni

Strasse des 17.Juni

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