Johnny’s Trivia Around The World #2: Via Nino Bixio

Hello June! Hello Nino’s month!

Since Kazu’s birthday is approaching, we would like to have Nino-centric posts for this month’s edition. First, we have Johnny’s trivia just like a year ago. From its name, do you have any idea what it is and where it is located?

Via Nino Bixio

a street in Milan, it is.

Little we know street name in a city where we don’t live or ever visited. And I wouldn’t be able to make this post if I’ve never been there. I had a chance to visit Milan two years ago and happened to live nearby Via Nino Bixio. Along this street there are many apartment buildings and a few cafés and small shops. But one thing that attracted me is a tram that passing by this street.

Via Nino Bixio_Tram23

It is a yellow one. Nothing special, since the trams (old or new ones) in Milan mostly colored in yellow. Among so many tramlines in Milan, the one passing by Via Nino Bixio is tram number 23! 23, guys.. don’t you get it? It’s Nino’s number! In Japanese, you can say 23 as ni (2) no san (3) = Nino-san!


Linea 23 Lambrate FS M2 – Piazza Fontana (pic from wikimedia)

Nino, when you visit Milan maybe you can try this: Nino in a yellow tee taking yellow Tram 23, getting off at via Nino Bixio and posing below the street name while reading a history book about Nino Bixio.

Anyway, who is Nino Bixio? I made a quick search about him (read: going through his Wikipedia page). He was one of Italian generals and politicians. He was born in Genoa. Coincidentally, I also visited Genoa two years ago, but I’m not aware of him. I think I didn’t find Nino-thingy in that city. One fact of Nino Bixio that surprised me: he died on 16 December 1873 in Banda Aceh, on his way to Batavia (now Jakarta) due to cholera breakouts. So, Nino was in Indonesia?! Sorry, I mean Bixio was in Indonesia and died in my home country… Rest in Peace, sir.

See you in next post of Nino!

If you have something in your country that is not Johnny’s-related but has some similarity and fun fact to post about, kindly let us know!



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