Prayer Room Tokyo Station

We really appreciate Japan’s act toward Muslim-friendly tourism. Especially when they provide prayer room in strategic location, like Tokyo Station. The space is available since 2017 and located at Information Centre of Marunouchi North Exit.

Once you enter the Information Center, the prayer room is on the left. There’s a note written near the door handle on how to use the room. Basically it said that to use the room, we need to press a button of an intercom to let staff know that you want to use the room and open it for you.

Well… I pressed the button so many times and waited but nothing happened. The door still locked.  Since I almost running out the praying time, I just decided to just tell the staff at the counter that I need to use the room. However their answer was to press the button. I told them I did it but nothing happened. Feeling almost frustrated I pressed the button longer this time and guess what, it still locked. After struggling back and forth trying to convince the staff that the room still locked despite I pressed the bell, someone finally open it for me.

The space is enough for 2-3 people inside. Since the prayer room is intended as a multifaith prayer room, they don’t provide mukena (praying cloth) and sajadah there. But, they provide wudhu place inside. I couldn’t imagine if I need to perform wudhu at the toilet outside and then had to ask the staff to open the door for me again.

The prayer room is definitely better than the one in Nara Station. The Prayer room open daily but it has opening hours from 8.30 ~ 19.00 (only until 17.00 during weekend and holiday).

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