Prayer Room: Nara Station Tourist Information Center

Nara is one of favorite destination for one-day trip from Osaka. The deer at Nara park seems to be attractive for tourist, just like the one in Miyajima. Another reason for Muslim traveler who want to visit Nara is the fact that they welcome Muslim by providing prayer room at Nara City Tourist Information Centre, just beside Nara Station.

To use the prayer room, you have to inform the staff there then you will be asked to fill in a guest book. After that, the staff will guide you to the prayer room which I think it used to be a storage room.

For ablution/wudhu, you have to do it in the restroom, which can be a bit hassle when there’s a long queue. They also provide slipper for you to use. However, there is no praying cloth in sight. So make sure to bring your own.

After finish using it, you have to inform thee staff again. It might be very minimalist but it really help for us who often have a hard time finding a place to pray while travelling.

What: Nara City Tourist Information Center
Where: 1-1082 Sanjōhonmachi, Nara-shi, Nara-ken 630-8122, Japan [map]
How to go: Just outside Nara Station 
How much: Free just pay for train fare. 

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