Joining Arashi (or any other JE’s group) as overseas fans

I joined their fan club right after their hiatus announcement in the hope to secure their concert ticket for the last time. Alas, the pandemic happened, which is actually a good thing in a way they provide online concert viewing so everyone can watch. Even after their hiatus, Arashi still gives a lot of benefits to their fan club members. If you live outside Japan and need help joining a fan club, here we recommend three services that we already tested.

1. Onegai Kaeru

This is the first proxy service that I use until now. Their annual agent fee is quite high (USD100 – 150) and that only covers basic services such as lending an address, helping to sign up for a fan club, and receiving fan club mail. On their website, they stated offering additional services like translating fan club newsletters and balloting for tickets. Well, I asked and they said they don’t do such things. So if you want to ballot for ticket, you have to do it by yourself. If you want to forward your fan club mail, you have to pay USD20 plus the shipping fee. The reason why I still use their service is because of their good customer service and they are very accommodating.

2. SOS Japan

Actually, their service is on par with Onegai Kaeru despite how fishy their website looks. I used their service for Ikuta Toma’s fan club. Just like Onegai Kaeru, they handled all fan club member registration. FYI, for Ikuta Toma, JE doesn’t send fan club mail so it is free to become a fan club member. The annual agent fee for SOS japan is slightly cheaper (8000 yen). Their customer service was also good, they help to claim a refund for Toma’s stage play ticket when the show got canceled due to the pandemic at no cost. They also help me to buy Kanjani8’s 15sai concert ticket from The reason why I stop using their service is that I see no reason to pay for the agent fee when I don’t receive any fan club mail.

3. Blackship

This service is quite new. They are basically a package forwarding service like Tenso. I don’t use Tenso because they can’t forward mail to Indonesia (which is weird because Buyee can do it). They don’t charge annual fee. Their service is only to provide a Japanese address so you can receive package/mail and then forward the mail to you. So when JE finally accept an overseas credit card, I use the address their provided to join Ikuta Toma fan club again. It is definitely a cheaper option than using agents like Onegai Kaeru and SOS Japan.

So that are three options that you can choose from if you decided to join JE’s group fan club.

Tokyo Cruise: Hotaluna

Fans Arashi di seluruh dunia pasti pada bersorak kegirangan di tanggal 3 November lalu karena adanya YouTube live dengan seabreg pengumuman yang menggembirakan fans seluruh dunia. Selain rencana acara Jet-Storm (yang proses balloting-nya bikin gagal focus kerja), mereka juga mengumumkan pengunggahan PV lagu teranyar yaitu Turning Up.

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Tempat Konser Johnny’s: Fukuoka, Osaka, Yokohama

Akhir dan awal tahun biasanya jadi waktu yang paling menguras hati, emosi, dan tabungan para fans Johnny’s. Gimana ga, mulai dari Oktober sampai akhir Januari biasanya grup-grup Johnny’s ngadain tur atau konser tahunan. Awal ahun 2017 lalu, kami sengaja mengunjungi Jepang untuk ngikutin turnya beberapa grup Johnny’s (Arashi, Kanjani8, dan Johnny’s West). Tiga grup sekaligus! Asik ga tuh? Tapi kita ngikutin cuma dari luar venue, ahaha…hiks (nasib bukan member FC yang cuma bisa nangis di pojokan Dome). Kebetulan jadwal cuti kami bisa dipas-pas-in dengan jadwal mereka yang waktu itu memang lagi ngadain tur. Jadilah kami buat rencana perjalanan sesuai dengan kapan dan di mana mereka lagi konser saat itu.

Ada beberapa tempat yang jadi langganan grup Johnny’s untuk konser. Di postingan ini kami akan ke Fukuoka, Osaka, dan Yokohama untuk berbagi euforia berada di tempat dan menghirup udara yang sama dengan para idol (ok lebay, baca aja: berbaur dengan para fans sambil belanja goodies).

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Bar Kanpachi

AKB and their sister groups have their own cafe. Glay and L’arc-en-ciel also have their own cafe, even for a temporary. A little bit different case with LDH, even though the cafe is not related to any group, at least Amazing Coffee is managed under LDH. Then…. how about JE?

JE true to its nature as an anti mainstream agency of course doesn’t have one. So, some fans actually made their own cafe/bar as a hanging place for JE’s group fans. One of them is Bar Kanpachi. Based on the name, you may guest which JE group this bar is dedicated for. Yup, it’s Kanjani8.

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Ikuta Shrine

It’s late, but let us say to our ultimate Johnny’s “idol” Ikuta Toma -kun: 誕生日おめでとう!! ♥♥

To celebrate it, we would like to take you to a shrine with his name on it. Although it has nothing to do with him, Ikuta Shrine is surely an interesting place for Toma’s fangirls/boys. Why? Nothing, it’s just because of his name. LoL. Ok, kindly read through this post and decide.


Ikuta Shrine (生田神社)

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Ninomiya Jinja & Ninomiya-chou in Kobe

Happy birthday Ninomiya Kazunari! We know it’s late. But you’re the forever 17 liners, so it won’t matter, right? Here’s another special post to celebrate Nino month.

When you are in Kobe and you are a big fan of Ninomiya Kazunari, please do pay a visit to this area. It is totally unrelated to our Neen, but it is sure fun to find the place and take picture with his name written everywhere.


二宮神社 = Ninomiya Jinja 

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Nonton Bareng Komunitas Johnny’s

Sesama fans Johnny’s pasti paham betul bahwa perjuangan menjadi penggemar talent Johnny’s  Agency tidaklah mudah. Apalagi buat fans internasional macam kita yang ga tinggal di Jepang.  Susah jadi member FC, susah dapet tiket konser, susah ga bisa interaksi lewat sosial media, repotlah pokoknya akses ke sang idola.

Untungnya, di Indonesia ada banyak komunitas pecinta Johnny’s yang bisa mengobati kegundahan *halah*. Komunitas-komunitas ini biasanya aktif bikin acara nonton bareng dan gathering (rampok file). Seperti apa acaranya dan gimana caranya ikutan?


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Johnny’s Trivia Around The World #1: Straße des 17.Juni

As JE’s avid fans, have you ever felt that Johnny’s ikemens are following you wherever you go, even when you’re not in Japan? It’s just an illusion, of course. But it’s fun! We’re super excited when we travel somewhere and suddenly see something that we can relate to Johnny’s. That’s why I made this post, Johnny’s Trivia Around The World. I put #1, because I have the feeling that there will be more posts like this in the future 😀

Let’s start with this one, Straße des 17.Juni or Street of 17th of June. Arashi’s fans might already get what I mean. Yes, 17th of June, it’s the birthday of Ninomiya Kazunari, yay! Nino, otanjobi omedetou!! So, did they made this street to celebrate Nino’s birthday? Or does Nino own this street? Where it is located? And what can we see there?

Strasse des 17. Juni

Strasse des 17.Juni

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