Halal Restaurant: Sojibo at KIX Airport

When it comes to Halal Restaurant option, KIX is one of our favorite. Previously, we had udon at The U-don. This time, we tried soba dish at Sojibo. The restaurant has Halal logo in front of their restaurant, so even without prior information search, fellow Muslim traveler can be assured that they provide Halal menu.


Soba is made from buckwheat flour, which usually eaten by dipping to a sauce for taste. Yes, soba itself taste rather bland. It can be served cold or hot.

I visited past the lunch time so there were many empty seat available. Not sure whether the waiter could speak English or not, but their menu has English translation on them. The ingredient used on the menu is also written so if you have other food allergies or restriction, you can check it. All price listed are before tax.


If you’re not sure for which menu to choose, then pick their seasonal special menu, like I did. I had the set menu of soba noodles in broth with mushroom and grated daikon radish. The set come with rice and hot tea, so you are guaranteed to feel full. I don’t really remember for its taste. It’s delicious, but not that memorable.

There is another restaurant that also serve halal soba. Next time we visit Japan via KIX, we will try it for sure.

What: Sojibo at KIX Airport
Where: Terminal 1, 3F KIX Airport [map]
How much: start from 700 yen (before tax)

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