Filming Location: Platina Data – Shinagawa Station

In Japan, a train station is not only for those who commuting everyday. It also serves as a meeting place, a shopping arcade, a food court, and a -common- shooting location. Go watch Japanese movies, doramas, anime, or variety shows. They often have scenes set in a train station, if not or in addition to the scene inside the train.

This time we go with a 2013 movie starring Ninomiya Kazunari: Pla-ti-na-Da-ta (of course you have to read it the way Nino said it in the movie). The set is when Ryuhei Kagura being chased by the police. He wandered around Shinagawa Station before he found the place to escape and hide.

Platina Data_Konan Exit

Shinagawa Station has two main exits, the one on the west side is called Takanawa Exit and the one on the east side is called Konan exit. Platina data scenes  were mostly taken in the east area.

Shinagawa station Exits

The Konan exit hosts the Atré Shinagawa Mall. Its sign was really easy to be recognize in the movie. In front of the mall, there is an area where Ryuhei Kagura was walking in a hurry avoiding the police. You can find a pair of statues as the landmark.

Platina 5Shinagawa Statues

Last but not least, there is one scene that was taken on an elevator that is impossible to recreate. Because it is almost impossible to have no one in your frame while you are in this station, unless you shoot a movie. Unless you are Ninomiya Kazunari.

Platina Data Elevator

If you have not seen Platina Data, kindly read its synopsis or watch the trailer. This movie is not my favorite Neen’s, but Nino played a double personality characters here is something remarkable.

By the way, today is June 17!! Hey forever 17 yellow, お誕生日おめでとう!♥

What: Shinagawa Station
Where: 〒108-0074 Tokyo, Minato, Takanawa, 3 Chome 26-27 [map]
How to go:  JR Yamanote loop line, Keikyu line, Narita Express, Shinkasen, you name it (basically most of the trains stop here)
How much: free, just pay for the train ticket

4 thoughts on “Filming Location: Platina Data – Shinagawa Station

  1. genta says:

    Unless youre ninomiya kazunari XD

    Oh iya, saya mau nanya dong kakak-kakak sekalian. Mungkin ini pertanyaan amatir sekali, tapi bagaimana sih cara menemukan atau dimana cari info terkait lokasi-lokasi shooting seperti ini?
    Atau sekiranya mungkin ngga ya kakak-kakak intergalactic bikin postingan buat kasih tips nemuin lokasi shooting kayak gini hoho 😀 terima kasihh..


    • Intergalactic Yeah! says:

      Hi Genta! Untuk nemuin lokasi shooting biasanya kami dapatkan pada situs ini: Situsnya dalam bahasa Jepang tapi bisa pakai Google Translate buat bantu nerjemahin. Terkadang ga semua lokasi ada di situs itu, jadi harus googling lagi pakai keyword berbahasa Jepang (hasil copy paste dari Google Translate, hehe). Selanjutnya tinggal nyari alamat persisnya lewat Google Maps deh. Caranya gitu aja sih…. Intinya Google is our best friend, hahaha. Tapi kalau mau ga ribet, bisa kok request ke kami. Insya Allah bakal kami bantu pinpoint lokasinya (meski sering slow response, hehe).


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