Filming Location: Yume no Ohashi

To be honest, we found this filming location by chance. We just left Mizuno Hiroba Park and heading to Fuji TV when I realized the bridge we crossed on looks familiar. Then it hit me, this must be filming location for Anna-san no Omame when Riri and Kyutaro switched their body. And boy I was right! The scene was memorable and I love that particular episode so much. FYI, I’m fan of Becky. She is entertainment genius! The fact that she is fans of SMAP adds billion extra points.

Scene from Anna-san no Omame episode 6 which taken place on Yume no Ohashi

Scene from Anna-san no Omame episode 6 which taken place on Yume no Ohashi

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Filming Location: Atago Shrine

Have you ever seen this beautiful and serene shrine as shown on picture below on your favorite dorama?

atago shrine_1

This particular stair appear on Yamada Taro Monogatari (starring: Arashi’s Ninomiya and Sakurai), My Boss My Hero (starring: TOKIO’s Nagase, ex-KATTUN’s Tanaka, and NEWS’s Tegoshi), and Nobuta wo Produce (starring: Yamashita Tomohisa, KATTUN’s Kamenashi, Hey!Say!JUMP’s Nakajima). Even though only for a few seconds, but the stair was memorable. In fact, it dubbed as Tokyo’s stairway to Heaven.  Continue reading

Filming Location: Ending Scene of Shinigami-kun Dorama

Yeah! Starting this month, we have special posts about filming locations. Didn’t we tell you that we are very dedicated Arashi’s fangirls? We tried our best to search, find, visit, and reenact the scenes of Arashi’s doramas/movies/shows. In addition to our 5-rainbow-colored boys, we also have our ultimate bias, Ikuta Toma, and other JE units/talents and Japanese idols. We are bringing them here for you!

Wait, for those who are not Japanese idols’ fans, you can still enjoy our posts because the places are surprisingly interesting! They are not popular among tourists, so limited info and reviews are available there. By reading our posts, we hope you find useful information about those hidden gems in Japan 😉

Let’s start with a dorama called Shinigami-kun. If you’re an Arashi’s fan or a J-dorama freak, you must be familiar with it. TV Asahi aired it on April-June last year. Among the 9 episodes it has, we found that the last one captured the most memorable scene. Yes, the ending scene! (don’t worry, this is not a spoiler)

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Nihon Terebi

Perjalanan kami ke Jepang adalah perjalanan fangirling, maka pasti ada yang berbeda dengan perjalanan ke kota atau negara lain. Kalau bisanya kami hanya mengunjungi objek wisata yang terkenal di daerah tersebut, khusus untuk Tokyo, stasiun TV menjadi salah satu tempat yang wajib didatangi. Nippon Television (NTV), atau Nihon Terebi, atau biasa disingkat Nittere, adalah salah satunya.

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