Fukuoka Masjid

Being the most populated city in Kyushu island, Fukuoka has an Islamic Culture Center named Al Nour. The masjid is not located in the city center but it is easily accessed by tourists who could not read/speak any Japanese and came to Fukuoka for the first time, just like us.


Fukuoka Masjid Al Nour Islamic Culture Center

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Cupnoodles Museum

Who doesn’t love noodles? Who doesn’t know instant noodles? Moreover, who haven’t try cup noodles? Imagine eating it in this rainy season, so warm and yummy! But, how many of you know the story behind this magic cup of instant ramen? Yokohama Cupnoodles Museum will tell you all..


Yokohama Cupnoodles Museum (yes, without space in between “cup” and “noodles”)

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Ikuta Shrine

It’s late, but let us say to our ultimate Johnny’s “idol” Ikuta Toma -kun: 誕生日おめでとう!! ♥♥

To celebrate it, we would like to take you to a shrine with his name on it. Although it has nothing to do with him, Ikuta Shrine is surely an interesting place for Toma’s fangirls/boys. Why? Nothing, it’s just because of his name. LoL. Ok, kindly read through this post and decide.


Ikuta Shrine (生田神社)

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Filming Location: Ani ni Aisaresugite Komattemasu

Yay for another requested filming location post! This time is “Ani ni Aisaresugite Komattemasu” which aired in NTV on Spring this year. Katayose Ryota from GENERATION became the lead actor here, and as LDH fans of course we just have to cover the filming location for this dorama! The locations are scattered around on several places such as Tokyo, Yokohama, and Saitama. If you have plan to visit these locations, we suggest to focus on the one in Yokohama.

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Ninomiya Jinja & Ninomiya-chou in Kobe

Happy birthday Ninomiya Kazunari! We know it’s late. But you’re the forever 17 liners, so it won’t matter, right? Here’s another special post to celebrate Nino month.

When you are in Kobe and you are a big fan of Ninomiya Kazunari, please do pay a visit to this area. It is totally unrelated to our Neen, but it is sure fun to find the place and take picture with his name written everywhere.


二宮神社 = Ninomiya Jinja 

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