Prayer Room Namba Osaka

Among cities in Japan other than Tokyo, it’s probably Osaka that really cater the need for Muslim traveler. Halal/Muslim-friendly Restaurants are easy to find. Their airport has a special map guide for Muslim. There are quite a number of prayer rooms across the city, even in the city center, like the one we visited in Namba.

Actually we visited not only one, but two prayer rooms in Namba area because they are only few hundreds meter apart from each other. The first one is located inside Kansai Tourism Information Center.

We almost walked pass the building (Daimaru South Bldg), thankfully we saw the signage which is located in the alley beside the building.

The Kansai Tourist Information Center is located on the 3rd floor. The first thing we saw when we stepped out from the elevator is a room with souvenir display. At first we couldn’t see the prayer room so we asked the staff about it.

The staff kindly showed us the prayer room. For ablution, we had to do it in the toilet. Even though it’s just a few meters from the prayer room, but it’s a bit inconvenience if you wore winter boots (like me).

It looks like they convert a changing room into a prayer room. Prayer clothes are available inside the prayer room if you need one.

Next, we went to the prayer room inside Laox Building on the 7th floor.

Just like the  one in Kansai Tourist Information Center, you have to do the ablution in toilet nearby.

Prayer room for men and women is separated. We only took a peek inside the women prayer room, so we weren’t sure whether prayer clothes are available or not.

With all the effort made by Osaka City Government, Osaka become a must-visit for Muslim traveler.

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