Filming Location: Ani ni Aisaresugite Komattemasu

Yay for another requested filming location post! This time is “Ani ni Aisaresugite Komattemasu” which aired in NTV on Spring this year. Katayose Ryota from GENERATION became the lead actor here, and as LDH fans of course we just have to cover the filming location for this dorama! The locations are scattered around on several places such as Tokyo, Yokohama, and Saitama. If you have plan to visit these locations, we suggest to focus on the one in Yokohama.

The first location would be the school where our main characters go. The location is at Jissen Woman’s University in Tokyo.  To go there you can take JR Chuo Line to Hino Station. The University is about 1 km from the station.

pic from official site

The journey for The Tachibanas to go back home is quite long since their home is located at Iwaifukuro, Chiba. Since no train station nearby, it’s better to rent a car to visit this place.

Their home’s exact location is harder to find, but we knew it’s actually a rented vila by Kyonan Real Estate.

Next, is the location where Setoka met Chiaki for the first time: Yokohama Bayside Marina. There’s Mitsui Outlet Park nearby if you want to do some shopping. To go there, you can take train to Torihama Station (Seaside Line).

While you’re in Yokohama, continue your journey to Aqua Museum in Yokohama Sea Paradise where Setoka and Chiaki had their (sort-of) first date. To get there, you can take a JR train from Yokohama Station to Shinagita station, then change to Seaside Line toward Hakkejima Station. From there, you can walk to the Sea Paradise complex.

Moving on to another (sort-of) dating place where Setoka went out with Takane (and had her first kiss). The restaurant is called Oceans Club Hayama. If you want to enjoy the meal while watching sunset, their set menu start from 3800 yen. You can take JR Shonan Shinjuku Line train from Shibuya Station to Zushi Station. Then continue the journey for another 30 minutes using Bus from East Exit Bus Terminal 2 to Kurumehama Coast (久留和海岸) bus stop.

Confession time!!! After the third episode, I’m kinda want to give up watching this dorama for being too cheesy and also the unrealistic brother-sister relationship. I’m still okay with the romance between them, it’s just their reaction (?) toward each other is just so unnatural (anyone who has brother please agree with me). Plus Ryota, can’t he just speak in natural tone? Why does he seem to try speaking in a cool way? I guess I’m just too old to watch this kind of teen dorama…. *sigh* [end of confession time].

Next is the hospital where Haruka and Kunimitsu got hospitalized: Shin-Oyama City Clinic. Not sure if anyone really want to visit this hospital, but we include it on the map at the end of this post.

There’s also this shrine that appear briefly on the ep 3 preview but I didn’t see it on the entire episode. Or is it appear on the movie? Anyway, it’s called Orihime Shrine in Tochigi.

We compiled locations mentioned above on the map below.



4 thoughts on “Filming Location: Ani ni Aisaresugite Komattemasu

  1. Hikari says:

    Thanks for the detailed description of the filming locations! Like you I didn’t really enjoy the cheesy lines/plot but the locations were beautiful ❤


  2. Jenny X C says:

    Thanks for posting about filming locations. I saw the image of the house on the beach, fell in love and had to find it. Your tip about where it’s located is very helpful. I managed to find the exact location of the home based of images from the film from your description of where it is located near. The coordinates are 35°06’01.6″N 139°50’03.4″E. You can actually see it when you type it into google earth. It’s such a pretty and modern set location. ❤


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