Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum

Ramen is one of popular comfort food among Japanese. Back then, Muslim traveler might be hesitated to taste this dish because usually it was made from pork broth. But these days the number of Vegetarian Ramen and even Halal Ramen is increasing in Japan. One of the place to try Vegetarian Ramen is in Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum. There are 3 – 4 different option you can choose. Or if you are a big eater, why not try all? This museum is probably the most random/out-of-theme museum we’ve ever visited. We will tell you why later.

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Karaoke Honpo Maneki Neko Yotsuya-3chome

As JE fangirls, January probably the best month for you to go to Japan as there are so many concerts from different groups being held. We managed to go to not just one, but three concert venue. Sadly we didn’t actually attend the concert as we couldn’t get the ticket (someday we will!). So for our consolation, we went for Karaoke and made our own concert, lol. This particular karaoke chain located in Yotsuya-sanchome, Shinjuku not only a place for having fun, but also they offer Halal menu for Muslim visitor.


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Restaurants in Roppongi for Muslim

What do you do when you are hungry? You’ll look for food, right? But when the desired food is not there for some reasons, you’ll find alternatives. Anything will do, as long as your stomach is fed. Well, in some cases its ingredients and our budget constrain. That was basically what happened while we were starving in Roppongi.

To be honest, we came up with this post by accident. It’s all thanks to a restaurant that was closed during our visit. We looked for other alternatives, and  found out that there are quite a few of Halal food along this Tokyo’s high-class area .


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Halal Restaurant: Genji Restaurant Hilton Hotel Osaka

Berawal dari rasa penasaran pengen makan Kobe Beef, tapi setelah dicari-cari belum ada restoran di Osaka yang menawarkan Kobe Beef halal. Ya sudahlah kami pun membelokkan pilihan ke Wagyu halal. Satu-satunya restorang yang menyediakan Wagyu Halal yang kami temukan di Genji Restaurant, Hotel Hilton Osaka. Naik pesawat LCC tapi pengen makan di tempat mahal ya kami ini contohnya. Padahal ga pernah sekali pun di Indonesia kami makan di resto kelas atas. Sumpah belagu banget! Tapi dasar emang kami kere, harga untuk lunch course per orang-nya selalu dibanding-bandingin sama biaya pengeluaran kami yang lain. Makanya postingan ini bakal panjang, hahahaha (ga mau rugi).

It’s all began from our curiosity to taste Kobe Beef. We tried to find any restaurant that serve halal Kobe Beef in Osaka but there were none. So we decided to taste the real Wagyu instead. The restaurant we found to serve it is Genji Restaurant at Hilton Hotel Osaka. Even though we fly with LCC airlines, but we eat at a high class restaurant. LOL. This post gonna be long coz we already paid so much for the meal, hahahaha.


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