Filming Location: 復活 LOVE PV – Shinagawa Season Terrace

Fukkatsu Love” (復活LOVE) is one of the best Arashi’s singles. It’s not merely about the song and its story, but also its PV. Released in February 2016, Fukkatsu Love PV and its making made us scream!

Fukkatsu Love PV

having Ikuta Toma in Arashi’s PV is like a dream came true

This PV was shot in a place called Shinagawa Season Terrace, not far from Shinagawa Station. From the Konan Exit, you just have to walk for about 6 minutes to the north. Season Terrace is one of the commercial zones in Shinagawa Minato area. We went there at around 6 PM where people are in a rush to go to the station back from their offices.

Shinagawa Season Terrace

Shinagawa Season Terrace

A 32-stair building consists of offices, restaurants, and shops is the main part of this commercial zone. In the back of the building there is a park that is also used as an event area. The park will look beautiful during spring and autumn.


1: Green area. 2: Event area. Picture Taken from its official website.


Most of the PV shoots were actually taken inside the building. We did not have a courage to go into such a high class building. Seriously, maybe only crazy rich Asians go there to work, shop, or eat. You can try to go inside and found the place where Arashi and Ikuta Toma acted and danced out of the blue. Just in case, please make sure you look confident enough with proper outfits (not like us, haha..).

Fukkatsu Love PV Arashi

The beginning of the PV was taken right in front of the building, called the green area. You can take pictures here as many as you want without having the vibes of a rich person that need to go inside the building :p

Fukkatsu Love PV_2

Shinagawa Season Terrace
they made the lights special for the PV

Fukattsu Love Stairs

Season Terrace_stairs opening Fukattsu Love

the stairs

Arashi and Ikuta Toma Fukkatsu Love

Finally, Arashi in its complete formation! (Umm, well, not yet without Kazama Shunsuke)

Btw, yesterday was Arashi’s 6th member’s birthday. Thus, this post 🙂

お誕生日おめでとうIkuta Toma-kun!

What: Shinagawa Season Terrace
Where: 1 Chome-2-70 Konan, Minato, Tokyo 108-0075, Japan
How to go:  6 minute walk from JR Shinagawa Station Konan Exit [map]
How much: free, just pay for the train ticket

One thought on “Filming Location: 復活 LOVE PV – Shinagawa Season Terrace

  1. katiatempest says:

    I really love seeing Tōma with the boys!!!
    I thought this building was like 100-scary-stair high! Neen said with so much sassiness that his home was higher!! It made me think that he was making funny, like ” Oh! This building is 105-stair?? Well, mine is 150-stair!!!”
    Oh, well! To me, 10-stair is already tooooo much!!! LOL


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