Tokyo Disneyland in Hyakushiki Style (Part 2)

Read part 1 here.

The first attraction we tried on was Western River Railroad.

Here you can expect to see a Jurassic Tree, one of the oldest species of tree originally found in Australia.


Not really sure if we really actually captured it. LOL

 Just keep your eyes open to find the tree on the left side right before the tunnel.

Along the ride you will pass other attractions such as Jungle Cruise, Big Thunder Mountain, Mark Twain Riverboat and Splash Mountain. Don’t forget to wave to other Disneyland visitors along the way. Either they wave first or waved back to you.

This ride is also popular among family with small children as you can see so many strollers park in front of the attraction.


Next, we headed to the most popular and fastest ride in Disneyland: Splash Mountain


Please expect for a long queue, we stood in the line for long enough to watched the whole 90 minutes of Arashi ni Shiyagare SP with Kanjani 8. Plus some other random shorts videos.

Then we’re on the mission of finding the smallest hidden Mickey in the park.

Before that, do you know that they installed a waterfall in between two themelands so visitor won’t notice the change of music background of each themelands?


Well, now you know.

Back to find hidden Mickey, we were too focused on searching around Cinderella Castle when actually it was on Toon Town! LOL. We only remember the green door but not the exact location.


Happy face for finding the smallest hidden Mickey 😀

You can try to find it too. This Mickey is seriously well hidden.

Anyway, if you’re in Disneyland make sure to catch their famous parade. Most of the people have waited an hour before the parade start to get a good spot.

Afternoon Parade

Afternoon Parade


Night Parade

We didn’t ride much attractions there but we indeed really enjoyed our time in happiest place on earth 🙂




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