Tokyo Disneyland in Hyakushiki Style (Part 1)

Anyone likes to watch Hyakushiki-Ou? It’s a variety show with a classroom concept, led by V6’s Inohara acted as a teacher, provide hundred of knowledge (hyakushiki) for each theme. Unfortunately, after 7 years, the program came to an end. Too bad, no more Takada and Sanada silliness… *sobs*

One of my favorite episodes is the Tokyo Disneyland one, Not only because it covers Disneyland (duh…), but because Yamashita Shoon (ex-YaYayah) and Fujigaya Taisuke (Kis-My-Ft2) did the location report. From the episode we could learn so many interesting facts and trivia about Tokyo Disneyland. So the next time you go there with your friends, don’t forget to impress them with your hundred knowledge of Tokyo Disneyland.

You can go to Tokyo Disneyland by bus or train. We took the train as we purchased the one day train ticket (not Japan Rail Pass, cost 1,590 yen). When we tried to checked out at Maihama station, it turned out that we had to pay additional cost. Maybe we bought the wrong one day ticket? If this also happened to you, you can just pay it on the the counter right next to the check out gate.

We were so excited about going to Disneyland that we forgot to re-watch the episode prior to our visit. So we could only spot some that remain in our limited memory….

The first thing that easily spot was the different color of ground for each theme land.

lantai beda warna, penanda area yang berbeda

Tokyo Disneyland has 6 areas which are: Westernland (red floor), Adventureland (green floor), Critter Country (yellow), Fantasyland (light green?), Toon Town (pink?), and Tomorrowland (blue). It makes the visitor easier to locate themselves on the map.

peta Tokyo Dineyland

Tokyo Disneyland Map

They also have a special floor that are safe for little kids to play.

lantainya beneran empuk lho

We found it around Toon Town area. It is seriously soft! The picture is dark because it’s already night when we found it.

Then of course the iconic Cinderella Castle.

Kastil Cinderella

Cinderella Castle

At the first glance, you won’t notice they make the bricks gradually smaller as they go higher. Actually, except you measure it with a ruler, you won’t notice at all! The attraction inside the castle was not that interesting in my opinion. I think the highlight is that you can try the glass shoes and see if you fits on it. If yes, congratulations you have a higher chance to be Prince Charming’s wife! If not, then take a selfie while trying on it won’t be a bad idea.

When you finish pretend to be Cinderella, maybe you want to buy this most expensive souvenir in Tokyo Disneyland?

ini lho souvenir seharga 5 juta yen

It’s a 5 million Yen Cinderella Castle miniature covered with diamond. I wonder who actually wants to buy that? Maybe someone with princess syndrome? Or a millionaire for his daughter birthday present? Not us, for sure. If we had 5 million yen, we’re probably gonna spend it on a private Arashi concert #fangirlcandream.

Outside the castle, if the sun still up and shine brightly, you can spot a hidden Mickey!

sayang udah sore jadi ga ada bayangan

No Mickey 😦

Too bad, it was cloudy that day so Mickey remains hidden….

That’s it for the first part. Make sure you read the second part 🙂

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