Filming Location: Solanin/ソラニン

As requested from Alexis (sorry that we took so long to make this post!), this time we will share the filming location of 2010’s movie: Solanin. Most of the locations are located at the border of Kanagawa and Tokyo. You can start your journey from Izumi-Tamagawa Station which is along Odakyu Line, about 30 minutes train ride from Shibuya Station.

Just walk for about 5 minutes you will reach to the location where Meiko and Taneda talk near the river bank called Tamagawa Ryokuchi Park. You can see the iconic bridge from there crossing the Tama River that become the boundary between Tokyo and Kanagawa.

The river boat  rental place is just next to the park. The rental fee is about 1000 yen/hour.

Near that area is also the location for Meiko’s apartment.

The company Meiko is working for is  actually located at Kawasaki City Hall, just 22 minutes away from Haneda airport. Since it’s an actual operating office, we suggest you to just take a picture from outside.

Taneda’s live scene & band practice scene was filmed at “Machida ACT“. You can watch some live performance there. Just check their website for performance schedule.

So, that’s it for now.

Do you have a request for us to cover filming locations of certain J-movie or Jdorama? Just poke us through our instagramtwitter, or drop your comment in one of our blog posts here. We are pleased to do it 😉

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