Prayer Room Chubu Nagoya Airport

Nagoya will be remain memorable for us because it’s the first city we’ve ever stepped our foot in Japan together…. then miss the bus to Tokyo 24 hour later, LOL. During our first visit to Nagoya Airport we did not notice whether there’s a prayer room or not. But last December I notice there’s actually Prayer Room available on the air side of Nagoya Airport.

As you can see from the picture above, they have prepared prayer mat/sajadah inside the prayer room. However, for Wudu you have to go to the restroom. They kindly provided slipper to be used for Wudu.

The door is unlock so no need to ask for an officer to open it for you. It is located on near the escalator of gate 201-206.

It’s good that more airport in Japan provide Prayer Room.

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