Filming Location: Yokohama International Port Terminal

Most of JE idol’s PV were shot inside a studio, so when they finally shot something outside it means there’s something special about the place. For example this certain filming location we visited recently, where Hey!Say!JUMP shot their “Asu e no Yell” PV (they shot it inside the building though….).


Probably among all HSJ members, Inoo sparked the most interest of this place due to its unique architecture. Using wood as main exterior and interior element, you won’t expect that this place as a port terminal. No wonder it attracts many photography enthusiast to capture its uncommon structure. Plus you can get a nice view of Yokohama from here. Read more info about this place here.





Thanks to random photographer who help us to take this pic

Thanks to random photographer who help us to take this pic

HSJ shot their PV inside the Osanbashi Hall. It cost 500.000 yen/day. We can’t help ourselves to calculate the whole budget for making their PV…..


Other than the hall, there’s also souvenir shop, restaurant, cafe, observation deck, and exhibition hall inside the building.



We spent a good two hours there to enjoy the scenery as well as buying souvenir. The view at night must be even more stunning with the city light (just like how Yabu showed us at PV making video), but we visited during winter and it’s already super cold at noon due to the strong wind. So maybe if you want to enjoy the night view as well, we recommend to come during Summer.

What: Yokohama International Port Terminal
Where:Japan, 〒231-0002 Kanagawa-ken, Yokohama-shi, Naka-ku, Kaigandōri, 1 Chome−1−4, 中区海岸通1丁目 [map]
How to go: Yokohama Minatomirai Line to Nihon-odiri Station exit 1
How much: free, just pay for the train fare


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