Filming Location: Cafe TeTeS

When you are getting older, your preference of idol might slightly change from cutie JE idols into manly EXILE. So, the next filming location we visited is Cafe TeTes, a chic cafe located in Nishiazabu which became a filming location for one of Mechaike Okaxile (Okamura x EXILE) episode where they did Nampa challenge.

Cafe TeTes

I know EXILE for a while but finally converted into their fans thanks to Okada. Okaxile episodes are always hilarious! Now I’m in a mission to convert A into EXILE fans also, but considering it took me years to convince her to become JE fans, this won’t happen anytime soon.

EXILE - cafe tetes

Just a few minutes walk from TV Asahi, you might bump into your favorite idols there. Actually when I re-watched old episode of Domoto Tsuyoshi’s Shoujiki Shindoi (aired on 2003 or 2004), I suspected V6’s Okada waited in front of this cafe.

Johnny's - cafe tetes

Anyway, we didn’t meet any idols when we were there. But we tasted their food which is really good and come with generous portion. They claimed to use only organic vegetables and cooking without any chemical seasoning and additive flavoring.

We ordered their lunch set menu: Green Curry (price: 880 yen) and Baked Keama Curry with 4 Kind Beans (price: 780 yen). If you check their website you will notice that that the latter menu is no longer available.


Green Curry


Baked Keama Curry with 4 Kind Beans

This cafe has no Halal certification. We initially only want to snap some pictures of this cafe and didn’t plan to have lunch there, but remember our post about Halal Restaurant in Roppongi? We planed to have lunch at Sumiyakiya, but I saved a wrong address on my note. We were so hungry and Cafe TeTes have wi-fi inside so we decided to use their service while having lunch there. Turned out Sumiyakiya just hundreds meters away from Cafe TeTeS. We visited Sumiyakiya the next day but it closed! You know rest of the story if you read our post.

What: Cafe TeTes Nishiazabu
Where: 1,2F 2-13-12 Nishiazabu Minatoku Tokyo [map]
How to go:  Oedo or Hibiya Line to Roppongi Station (H04/E23) or Hibiya Line to Hiro-O Station (H03)
How much: Lunch set menu: 950 – 1200 yen (after tax); other menu see here.

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